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NG Featureless Chat NG Featureless Chat

Rated 4 / 5 stars

4 Stars, only because the COYotes didn't jump in at any point to update us with current soccer scores.

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Ltlt Ep1 Sperm of Justice Ltlt Ep1 Sperm of Justice

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Surprisingly awesome

I was surprised, to say the least, as to the quality of this cartoon.

The drawings were awesome, humor was above par, and all-around quality un-matched. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future, and will probably end up gazing upon your past works as well.

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Sonic'sQuestForPower3(P1) Sonic'sQuestForPower3(P1)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was good, but

I get the feeling that the reason it is so big in filesize is because you don't really know how to optimise that well. Lower the quality of the sounds you put in there, and make sure they're all in mp3 format, for when flash exports that'll allow them to reduce the filesize and optimize it better.

Good flash though, I liked how you times everything, and you sure got the action parts of it down pat. I'm looking forward to completing it in the other two parts, but I do think if you had optimized this well enough you'd have had no problem fitting all three parts into one flash. You might have gone slightly over, but if that was the case a quick email fired over to Wade or Tom would've probably been able to fix that.

Good luck in your future animations and flashes, and good work on this current one. It can only get better and better, and I enjoyed the mixing of sprites with animation, and different Sonic aspects with other aspects of other video games and TV shows. Well done.

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LgdVegetto responds:

lol trust me's the length of the movie...the ENTIRE movie combined (all 3 parts), is OVER 40 mins long...almost hitting a whole hour. Does that explain enough for ya? ;)

Also, when i DID have the entire movie combined, flash itself could NOT handle THAT much actually froze and gave bugs and glitches with the entire movie combined.

Sonic Matrixa Finale 2/3 Sonic Matrixa Finale 2/3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Sweet job on the movie. A couple of things I noticed put it over the edge from quality to extremity:
-Graphical Effects; they were all done very well, the fades to the next scene, animating the sprites so they looked like they were doing things in a non-sprite-like way without making it look crappy, all those little graphical details didn't go to waste. Looked awesome.
-Sound; it was just perfect. The music wasn't inhibitive to the voices, and the voiceovers were almost exactly what I would picture each of the characters to sound like. Well done there.
-Subtle humor; I found some parts of it hilarious. Reading the ticker in the background of the arena was just awesome. I definitely laughed out loud at a couple of the things you had written there, well done on that aspect.

Other than those though, there were a few things I would have changed about the movie. First of all, I would have had Tails speak a little more or at least say something in the scene in the arena where Sonic and... the Red guy talk each other up for a fight. Secondly, I'd have to say that Sonic could have used a blur effect when he ran, afterall, he is THE Sonic.

Other than that, no complaints. A well done flash that I'm glad to see featured on the front page. :-)

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MGS 3: Crab Battle MGS 3: Crab Battle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I loved it. The entire thing was well done, and for some reason I really enjoyed the intro for your studio name or whatever.

Animation was well done, except I noticed the way the arms and legs were done. It didn't really fit all that well, and hurt my impression of the quality of your animation. I would work on making the arms look more connected to the body if you can, the seams were very apparrent.

The humor was all there. The entire concept was hilarious, I laughed or maintained a grin through the entire movie. It was really set off with "I've encountered some sort of cave demon."

Interactivity is a moot point, of course, since this is a movie. Incredibly violent, and also hilarious that the crab beat Snake (great animation on the popped out eye, by the way).

Overall a solid movie. I'd just work on those arms for next time. They really hurt your graphics and style points. Oh yea, the sound quality was superb, and I liked how you had the random kid in there who hacked the frequency.

Well done.

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Xombie: Chapter 6 Xombie: Chapter 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow. They get better every single time. It's amazing to see the progression in the animation, timing, plot, audio sync'ing, audio choice, and technical prowess each time a new one of these it released. Needless to say, I can't wait for the next one to come out.

Musical choice was superb. The music in the beginning which played RIGHT when the movie finished loading was a cool touch. The ending credits music was awesome.

You seem to have fully mastered the chapter concept though, as I've noticed with this and most of your newer movies you end each chapter with a cliffhanger to keep everyone excited and anxiously awaiting the next chapter. That's smart storywriting.

Animation was AWESOME. I loved the effects in this movie, and sat and watched Nephthys's hair flowing in the wind during the entire preloading period. It looked good, combined with your graphical intensity and increased understanding of how to animate moving mouths during speech.

The little humor quips also added to the movie in a big way. I cracked a smile when he said "pretty cryptic for a can opener." I do think though that you should have made him say out "I've never seen him before in my afterlife", because the usage or before and after right next to each other would have been amusing to people as humor-lame as I.

In conclusion: awesome job, great effort, and I'm looking forward to the rest of 'em.

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The Amazing Adam Android The Amazing Adam Android

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great stuff

I loved it, Max. You're stuff has really impressed me, although unfortunately I wasn't around to protect this as it just entered the portal. Oh well, either way this was another awesome flash work.

Graphics were superb, and you are definitely right about your ability to match the voice acting up with the lip's movement perfectly. Good job on that.

You should really bug Adam more about paying you. :-)

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Kanzeni Marin Nitsuite Kanzeni Marin Nitsuite

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Satire!

I loved it. I watched I think when it was under judgement a week ago, saw it, and loved it. I thought your whole style was great, and the hilarity for this flash was found in its satire towards the anime style of animation.

Great work with the drawings, and equally excellent work on the sounds. I swear every single thing had a sound effect, and every scene had completely perfect and fitting music to go with it. Violence was perfect, and the complete absurdity made this flash highly worthwhile for me to watch.

Thanks for the entertainment, I can't wait to see more from you in the future.

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A Boy & His Vision Quest A Boy & His Vision Quest

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I thought your movie was excellent. Great use of effects, I liked the transitions between scenes and especially the drawing style.

The only thing I had to comment on was some of the animation. The scene where the eagle is flying over head and he is running through the forest is a little bit weak in the animations department. You could stand to improve that a little, but I can completely understand where you are coming from (It's difficult to animate a 3D effect on a 2D medium). Great storyling, and great everything.

I liked how the flash had a light and happy feel to it. Good job.

PauLH responds:

I am glad you liked, thanks for your review.

Yes, I understand some parts were weak in animation and with more time and more patience I could improve upon it. If I am an old amn and have lots of time I may remake this .. by then people will probably be virtually in the Newground portal within the movies... but oh well.

Thanks agian!!

Pico's Unloaded Pico's Unloaded

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Impresionante (Spanish anyone?)

Yep, definitely awesome. I loved the entire thing, the fight scenes were smooth, it was a great parody, and the ice cream scenes at the beginning and end just tied everything together perfectly.

The only criticism I would offer would be the lack of smooth animation when Pico wiped the blood off his lips. His chin jumped around horribly and it really detracted from my enjoyment of the scene for the first second or two after that.

Otherwise, purely incredible 10's all around except for interactivity (not that it matters, this is a MOVIE, not a game). Good job, just improve some of those really minor details.

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