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4 Stars, only because the COYotes didn't jump in at any point to update us with current soccer scores.

Surprisingly awesome

I was surprised, to say the least, as to the quality of this cartoon.

The drawings were awesome, humor was above par, and all-around quality un-matched. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future, and will probably end up gazing upon your past works as well.

It was good, but

I get the feeling that the reason it is so big in filesize is because you don't really know how to optimise that well. Lower the quality of the sounds you put in there, and make sure they're all in mp3 format, for when flash exports that'll allow them to reduce the filesize and optimize it better.

Good flash though, I liked how you times everything, and you sure got the action parts of it down pat. I'm looking forward to completing it in the other two parts, but I do think if you had optimized this well enough you'd have had no problem fitting all three parts into one flash. You might have gone slightly over, but if that was the case a quick email fired over to Wade or Tom would've probably been able to fix that.

Good luck in your future animations and flashes, and good work on this current one. It can only get better and better, and I enjoyed the mixing of sprites with animation, and different Sonic aspects with other aspects of other video games and TV shows. Well done.

LgdVegetto responds:

lol trust me bro..it's the length of the movie...the ENTIRE movie combined (all 3 parts), is OVER 40 mins long...almost hitting a whole hour. Does that explain enough for ya? ;)

Also, when i DID have the entire movie combined, flash itself could NOT handle THAT much stuff...it actually froze and gave bugs and glitches with the entire movie combined.

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I didn't get to play the beta all that much, and I can't really give this game a good play since I'm stuck on my laptop and the little touch-pad is QUITE inadequate for aiming and firing simultaneously.

Anyway, I can comment on how I liked the game's overall smoothness, and the graphic's cleanness. It's well put together, and I noticed you'd mentioned some other ideas you had in store for the future that I'll be sure to check out.

Seriously though, zoom difference upgrades would be cool. Consider building it into any defense-game you might make in the future.

Very Clean

I found myself really enjoying this game, surprisingly. The controls are extremely clean and the learning curve is non-existant. The graphics are clean and the effects are great. The only gripe I had was with the repetitive sound track. I figure you could've upped the size just a little bit more and maybe worked in some more Audio Portal entries into the mix.

Great game! I'll be looking out for more from you in the future.

I thought it was good

I thought your drawings were pretty cool. I especially liked the dragons you drew. The only thing is, here on Newgrounds slide shows just don't do well. Sure, I gave you a good score that I felt reflected your work, but in most cases if things don't move around people will just zero it.

So here's what I would suggest: Keep drawing that way, but find some way to incorperate it into a simple game. Come up with a simple but cool concept, and then use your incredible drawing skills to make it look awesome. You could even jump on the bandwagon of quickly made "dating sims" that Klacid seems to be all about. Only you would be making your own graphics, so the game wouldn't feel as though everything had to be warped around the random pictures found on Google.

At any rate, I enjoyed it. You are a talented drawer, so keep up the good work!

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Yea, nice. This song is how I imagine drugs on a dance floor to feel.

I would have to echo the complaints about the vocals, though mine is much more that the authenticity of the live sound drowns them the fuck out. Have him yell more or amplify them a li'l more. Actually, just now I noticed they seem to dip out a bit... maybe he could just adjust how he's holding the mic so it picks up his voice more/more consistently.

FUNKbrs responds:

We've started exporting the tracks to a proper mixing software in the album release that fixes most of those problems. Our new home recording sound better than the studio recordings in the last album (only one un mastered track of that album was leaked to NG). We're doing our second session for the second album this weekend, and they all sound clean as HELL.

Ha ha, I can't stop grinning listening to this rendition. Great attention to detail!

This song is great

Concept or not (even though I've played the game and I definitely get the feel you're going for) I enjoyed this track thoroughly. The kick-in of the clap-clap clap, clap-clap realy got me into the feel. Well done.

vai90 responds:

Thank you! :)

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Absolute Illness

I love this thing and couldn't bear to give it a less than perfect score. However, I do think you sold yourself short on Darth Haggner's right hand. The detailing in the face and the active hand is so stylish that it's disappointing to see a lack of scarring there.

Great image nonetheless.

I like it a lot

Love the details, and the background is great. Obviously, my favorite part is the mask and details of the hair. You're either extremely talented, or you spent a lot of time on that. However, I think the anatomy of the guy needs a little work. I'd widen the abs and lower them somewhat. They don't quite fit into the proportions of the man's build.

The subtle scar over the heart

is my favorite part.

Great drawing. You've got quite an eye for texture, the grass and hair is perfect.

Mrew responds:

Thank you. :D

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