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Entry #58

Life Update (again)

2016-07-29 16:53:03 by Evark

I'm pretty bad at life updates.  Here's a photo I took 5 weeks ago during my first day at my new job.  Life is good.  Hope your life is good as well.  I should probably record some new music or participate in the forums more.  It'd be nice to reconnect with NG.  Soon.



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2016-07-29 20:20:12

Sounds good man! And you should become a Music Writer... Sounds right for the Job!


2017-10-15 22:36:15

Is this still your view everyday? Because another settlement needs your help.

Evark responds:

Yes. This job has been super hectic, but the view is consistent. I spend more time looking out at the North End, Charlestown, and Eagle Hill than the outer harbor and Logan though. This view was from the conference room I did orientation in, whereas the kitchen next door has a slightly different view.