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Entry #56

Bron Yr Aur Cover up

2012-09-14 11:31:49 by Evark dated=1

Been practicing this one for a while now, finally got around to recording it in front of the fire at my parent's house the night before I had to pack up and drive back out to Amherst (where I'm attending university full-time to FINALLY finish my damn bachelor's degree).

I've actually learned quite a few songs between this and the last one I recorded and uploaded, and still have a few more yet that I could conceivably record and toss up on here, the Audio Portal update has got me excited about sharing with Newgrounds once again.

Feedback is, as always, welcomed and appreciated.


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2012-09-14 13:03:10

Sounds like something I'd hear around the campfire when I was a Scout. Good stuff.

Evark responds:

Thanks, yo.


2012-11-10 16:50:43

I 5'd that shiz.

Evark responds:



2013-01-07 01:06:04

I love when you do songs!

Evark responds:

I love that you exist.


2013-03-27 22:44:48

Dude. This is awesome. Very nice job.

By the way, what are you studying up at Amherst?

Evark responds:

I'm an English major, and I'm adding to and fleshing out my several years experience in IT consulting by working for the school's IT dept. Glad you liked the audio!


2013-05-06 15:37:55

It was a privilege and honor to meet you sir! Thanks for the stogies and the conversation! Wish I had been better rested for the event... tooth is still giving me problems, but am finally able to sleep a bit more :P
Got your Bachelor's yet?

Evark responds:

Likewise, dude. Sorry I couldn't make it up this year (and I have no idea how I missed this comment for an entire year... : x)


2014-05-23 14:39:20

You can't spell Evark without K.

Evark responds:



2014-05-31 05:37:16

You win this time.